I have written many "welcomes" to a blog...and then a pet dies, or we move states, or my "likes" change, or we add a dog, or a cat, or both.

What remains is that I am a wife to a great guy, and a mom to four kids who are clearly helping pave my road to holiness, and that above anything else, I love being Catholic and sharing my faith.

And chips and salsa.
I love them too.
That will never change.

So, welcome.
I don't write much here, but I do write plenty in my mind. 
Which, thank God, I know you can not read.
I am actually surprised that people still blog, and even more so, that people still read blogs.

I used to blog as if it were my job.
Now I blog because I just really like to write.

It is not always all good,
but it is always all grace.


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