Monday, September 21, 2015

and so it begins...

My 9 year old son was in a really bad mood-nothing could pull him out of it.  On the way to church I told him, "If you are going to be grumpy, stay home!  You can go to mass with dad tomorrow." Well, he pulled it together, and while leaving church, in the middle of the parking lot, he announced, "I am feeling  a lot better!! I think it was the Eucharist!!!!"

This kid of mine? Awesome.

Hard to believe this is the same kid who after his teacher asked him to please stop singing and dancing in the front of the room, did stop...

then went to the back of the room, and continued singing and dancing.

"She said stop in the front", he pointed out to me.  I tried not to laugh because a good mom would not find this funny at all.

And so I asked him, "what were you singing?"
I was praying for something like, "Jesus loves me" or "Be Not Afraid".  And as a smile spread across his face,  he broke out into song and dance in the  kitchen...

"now watch me watch me nae nae...."

Really looking forward to meeting the teacher tonight.