Friday, January 29, 2016

Broken down cars, broken out skin, and ten week old puppies

Three weeks ago I got a flat tire.
Last week my car broke down.
And for two weeks now blogger will not allow me access to my own blog.

And so I'm writing this on my phone which I imagine is as fun as baking a wedding cake in your easy bake oven.
Or drying your hair with your easy bake oven.
Or baking with your easy bake oven.
Because it's a light bulb.
Not an oven.

So yeah.
A few curve balls.
And the occasional ball that hits you in your head.
I also have two pimples on my chin and grey hair coming in which frankly, makes no sense.
Not to mention is totally unfair.
And just stupid.

But it's okay.
Everything will be fine.
Because I am a child of God and He has great plans for me!
And because tomorrow I'm picking up a 10 week old puppy.

Because what could possibly go wrong with that???