Friday, June 12, 2015

bursting heart

It is not uncommon to hear from a new mom that she never quite new how much she was capable of loving until she held and locked eyes with her newborn baby.  I get this.  The love I have for my children is truly unlike any other.  I have been infatuated...I have lusted...I have been obsessed with...I have really liked...I have even thought I have loved.  But those feelings were just that...feelings.  They were never love.

I had a meeting at my 9 year old sons school last week.  The end of the year is hard for him.  Hard for me.  Hard for all of is.  Lots of emotions take over.  As I was leaving the building, who should be walking by, but my sweet son.  Without hesitation, he ran over and in for a hug, and I kissed him on the top of his head, and he smiled big at me as he continued on his way down the hall, and I tell heart....

it was ready to burst.

I read this morning in John Bartunek's The Better Part, that a dead body doesn't bleed.  More specifically, when they pierced the side of Jesus, who was already hanging dead on the cross, immediately there came out blood and water.  Scientists tell us that this may be explained by Jesus having died, literally, of a broken heart.  Because if he had suffocated, he would not have been able to speak, as he did.  And if he had died of blood loss, there most likely would not have been enough blood in the chambers of his heart to flow out as it did.  Bartunek goes on to say, it is "as if he willingly ended things at that moment, letting his divine love for sinful man burst his human heart."

Loving Father, who gushed water and  blood to cleanse my own sins, I pray to always have a heart like yours; a heart that is so full, it literally bursts out of love for others.