Saturday, June 27, 2015


I can imagine what life can feel like if you remove God from it, because I have done so myself.  It is pretty awful.  I don't think people have any idea how deadly sin is.  I don't think people really understand that when you put yourself and your own feelings first, you are setting yourself up for disaster.  And I am wondering this morning, what will it take?

What will it take for those who claim there is no God, or those who think God doesn't matter, to allow themselves the chance to encounter him?  Because that is all it takes.  One encounter.  One touch.  Remember when Jesus enters the house of Peter, to find his mother in law in bed with a fever?  Remember how all he had to do was touch her, and she was healed?  And do you remember what the mother in law does?  She rises and immediately waits on him.  Because this is how it goes-once you are touched by Jesus, your desire to get up and live for Him is bigger than the original sin that had you lying sick in bed.  Suddenly, getting up and doing for God, not yourself,  is more than your becomes your desire.

People are losing sight of their Creator at rapid speed.  I am astonished at the way so many people think they know better!  Can you imagine?  People actually believe that they know better than God.  We are living in a throw away culture, be it material goods, wasted food, babies, or marriage, and we thrive on doing what feels good.  We have no idea of the true definition of love, the true definition of life, the true definition of marriage, and so is it any wonder we are living dissatisfied lives?

I have lived with out God and I have lived with God.  And I am here as a witness.  The only way anything will ever make sense...your life, your purpose, your marriage, your vocation, is if you acknowledge the One who created you.  And I promise you-if you give God a chance, if you invite Him in...He will show up.  And He will touch you, and He will take all of the crap you are currently drowning in, all of the dirt that has buried your soul, and He will remove just enough so that you can see clearly.  Never before was I so miserable as when I lived my life for myself.  The key to a life of happiness? Live it  for the One who gave it to you in the first place.   Because in the end, no matter how you choose to live your life, for God or for yourself....God wins.