Monday, November 16, 2015

blind on the roadside

Luke 18:35-43

The blind man, begging by the roadside, as Jesus walks by.
You know this one, don't you?
It gets me every time.

He calls out into the nothingness he sees, "Jesus, Son of David, have pity on me!"
And despite being told to shut up, he shouts again.
He kept calling out all the more.

Because this is what sitting in the darkness does to you.

When you can no longer rely on yourself, what else is left, but to beg for help?

This is why getting to know Jesus is so important.
This is why I have made it a point to do my best to lead others to Christ.
Because we are all blind, at one point or another.
And when the lights go out, and you are left on the roadside begging, as far as I can see, you have two choices.
You can sit in the dark and do nothing-which is terrifying and lonely.
You can shout out to Jesus and tell him exactly what you want Him to do for you.

But this takes faith.

The blind man?
He had faith.
Faith that saved him.
He did not see Jesus.
But he knew he was there.
And here we all are, with perfect vision, sitting in our darkness, wondering where Jesus is in all of this mess;
Lacking our faith.

I know people do not like to talk about the dark.
And we will swallow pills and empty bottles and run for miles, just to avoid going there.
But sometimes the dark is necessary.
Sometimes we need to lose all control so that we can hand it all over to Jesus.

And maybe that is you, right now.
Maybe you are sitting in the dark.
If so, call out to Jesus.
Because I promise you, it is when you are overcome by your darkness, that He is closest to you.

Sitting blind on the roadside begging is not what we hope for, but it is where we encounter our hope.
No matter what the crowds say, keep calling out all the more.