Wednesday, November 18, 2015

where is my reward?

My husband took our youngest out for a dinner of 40 cent buffalo wings.
"Why did Luke get to go out for wings?" was the question a very full and happy 9 year old boy was greeted with as soon as he walked through the door.
"It was my reward!" he proudly exclaimed.

And you can imagine what happened next.
One by one, each sibling wanted to know two things.
The first?
Why did HE get a reward?
And two?
Where is MY reward?

I snapped back at the crowd in my kitchen.
"Every body is rewarded, it all evens out....just be happy for each other!"

But driving to my Bible Study this morning, I had to admit, I didn't believe that.
Here on earth, things don't always even out.
Here in my self centered earthly world, not everyone is rewarded.
Here in this mess of a planet, I have to shamefully say, I am not always happy for others.
Sometimes, with the soil below my feet and the sky up above, I see your reward.
And I covet it.
Because the ugly truth?
I believe I deserve it more than you.
I, like my children, want to know..."where is my reward?"

With coffee in my mug, and a warm dog on my lap, I opened to my evening prayer.

Blessed are the poor in the Spirit...
Blessed are the meek....
Blessed are the merciful...
Blessed are the peacemakers...

Rejoice and be glad.
for your reward will be great in heaven.

Thanks for the reminder, God.