Thursday, May 7, 2015

remaining in him

I am quite possibly the worst writer ever.  Because I believe, to call oneself a writer, you need to write. I write in  my head.  All day long.  So many stories and reflections are written in my mind.  But I don't think that counts.

And well, I thought I could reflect here today on this theme of "remaining in him" and how lost...and I mean really seriously lost we all are or have all been or sad to say, will one day be, should we forget to abide in Christ. Not just sometimes. But always. It really needs to happen every day and at every moment.

But I came home to house infested with wasps, then the dog ate my lunch, because I was busy talking to a friend who stopped by with her son, who peed through my kitchen chair onto my already dirty kitchen floor, and this is all after getting stuck in Walmart and the dollar store, which I feel like I need a strong drink and hot shower after that experience.

For the record, I have no problem with kids peeing on my furniture.  My furniture is gross and I think kids are cute.

So yeah. Remaining in him.
It is on my mind.
I mean, how do people do it? How do  they get through life without him? Without clinging tight? No wonder no one is happy.  No wonder so many people are unsatisfied.  They are withering branches.  They do not stand a chance.

Not enough time to really explain how I feel about it, but enough time to know that if I weren't grafted to him, and seeking his face in all things...this morning might have killed me.

John 15