Sunday, May 3, 2015

uncomfortable faith

During Mass tonight, my son leaned into me and whispered, "Mom, can you e mail the church and ask them to get cushions for these chairs. They are really uncomfortable."

My guess is he is not alone when it comes to the desire for personal comfort.  Which is ironic, because lately, the idea of detachment and decrease has been playing on a loop in my mind.  Of course, I want things...I want easy...I want all those perks other people seem to have...

but do I?

I have been thinking a lot about this.
About what I want in my life, versus what I truly need in my life.
What I want to gain in this life, versus what I want to give in this life.

I don't want to be comfortable.
Getting comfortable has never improved me.
Being comfortable makes me sleepy, lazy, and unmotivated.

I smiled at my son and said, "Yeah...cushions would be nice.  But I will  bet it would be harder to pay attention if we were too comfortable."

You see, I want an uncomfortable faith.  A faith that stands strong and solid beneath me.  A faith that keeps me sitting up, and paying attention.  A faith that moves me to do something.  A faith with no cushions.